Interestingly, these prokaryotic sequences of about 220-260 amino

Interestingly, these prokaryotic sequences of about 220-260 amino acids only possess one Ribonuclease III domain and one Double-stranded RNA binding motif (DSRM) (Figure 4–A). Figure 4 A) Graphical representation of Giardia lamblia Dicer homologs. Below the Giardia Dicer protein scheme are the two most homologous bacterial proteins found, and above it are the six protozoa most homologous proteins together with the human Dicer1 scheme. The representations are designed proportionally to their aa length, which is indicated below each organism’s name. The arrows alongside the figure indicate the degree of similarity to Giardia Dicer,

divided into bacteria and protozoa. [Accession numbers: H. sapiens (Q9UPY3); N. gruberi (D2UZR2); T. thermophila (A4VD87); P. tetraurelia (Q3SE28); T. vaginalis (A2F201); D. discoideum (Q55FS1); P. pallidum (D3BF89); G. lamblia this website (A8BQJ3); R. marinus (D0MGH0); M. galactiae (D3VQS7)] B) Graphical representation of Arabidopsis thaliana DCL1 protozoa homologs: there are two N. gruberi represented in the diagram here indicated as (1) and (2). The representations are designed proportionally to Bafilomycin A1 order their aa length, which are indicated below each name. The arrow alongside the figure indicates the degree

of similarity to Arabidopsis Dicer. [Accession numbers: A. thaliana (Q9SP32); N. gruberi-1 (D2UZR2); E. siliculosus (GenBank: CBJ48587.1); T. thermophila (A4VD87); tetraurelia (Q3SD86); N. gruberi-2 (D2VEU9); P. marinus (C5LMV9)]. In the search of protozoa homologs containing the HCD

within the Dicer sequence, we performed a BLASTP against the protozoa genomic database available at the NCBI with the entire Giardia Dicer sequence. Sitaxentan We obtained the highest score with Polysphondylium pallidum, which contains only an amino-terminal DSRM domain and two C-terminal RIBOc domains. The other five protozoa with the highest scores against Giardia Dicer protein present different domains, as shown in Figure 4–A. The homologies were located only at the C-terminal region, spanning the two conserved RIBOc domains together with the PAZ domain. Interestingly, one of these homologs from Naegleria gruberi presents all the conserved domains, being also the protozoa protein with the highest sequence similarity to human Dicer1 (Figure 4–A). Remarkably, the HCD of this protozoan enzyme have low homology with any putative RNA helicases found in Giardia, as is also the case for the well-conserved helicase domain within other selleck screening library higher eukaryotes Dicer proteins used to search the Giardia genome database. Using the Dicer-like 1 (DCL1) protein sequence from Arabidopsis thaliana, we searched the protozoan database for other Dicer-like proteins that could have the HCD together with the Ribonuclease III domains. Noticeably, besides the N.

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