This study investigated pubertal changes in dendritic complexity

This study investigated pubertal changes in dendritic complexity or dentate gyrus neurons. Dendrites, spines, and cell bodies of Golgi-impregnated neurons

from the granule cell layer were traced in pre-, mid-, and late-pubertal male Syrian banisters (21, 35, and 49 days of age). Sholl analysis determined the number of intersections and total dendritic length contained in concentric spheres set at 25-mu m increments from the soma. Spine densities were quantified separately in proximal and distal segments of a subset of neurons used for the Sholl analysis. We round that the structure of neurons Momelotinib JAK/STAT inhibitor in the lower, but not upper, blade of the dentate gyrus changed during adolescence. The lower, infrapyramidal blade showed pruning of dendrites close to the cell body and increases in distal dendritic spine densities across adolescence. These data demonstrate that dentate gyrus neurons undergo substantial structural remodeling during adolescence and that patterns

of maturation are region specific. Furthermore, these changes in dendrite structure, which alter the electrophysiological properties of granule cells, are likely related to the adolescent development of hippocampal-dependent cognitive functions such as learning and memory, as well as hippocampus-mediated stress responsivity. (c) 2009 Wiley Periodicals. Inc, Develop Neurobiol 68: 1517-1526,2008″
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