These analyses

These analyses were summarized in Table 1. Significantly, the lower MUC2 mRNA was found in HCC patients with HBV 105 than those with HBV 105 Meanwhile, the Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries MUC2 mRNA was decreased in tumor tissues with age 40 years than those with age 40 years in HCC patients than those with AFP 30 in HCC patients. There was no other significant correlation found between other clinicopathological factors and MUC2 mRNA in Chinese HCC. These results implicated that HBV and age could play an important role for the loss of MUC2 gene expression in HCC. Methylation status of MUC2 promoter in HCC and its adjacent tissue The methylation status of MUC2 promoter region was analyzed as one of the putative regulatory mechanisms of MUC2 mRNA expression in HCCs and their adjacent normal tissues.

The hypermethylation contains only methylated PCR product, the partial methylation contains both methylated and unmethylated PCR products, and the unmethylation contains only unmethylated product. MUC2 promoter was hypermethylated in 62. 2% of HCCs, and in 18. 9% of non tumor samples. partial methylated in 28. 4% vs. 62. 2% . unme thylated in 9. 4% vs. 18. 9%. The difference Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries of MUC2 methylation between the tumor and non tumor groups was statistically significant. Association of MUC2 methylation with MUC2 mRNA expression in HCC and corresponding normal tissues To test whether MUC2 promoter methylation in HCC might be correlated with repression of MUC2 mRNA transcription, qPCR was used for the expres sion of MUC2 transcripts in all tissue samples.

The levels of MUC2 mRNA expression were significantly decreased in HCC samples with methylation than in those with hypomethylation. We found that MUC2 methy lation is correlated Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries significantly with MUC2 mRNA expression, and there is a decreased tendency for MUC2 mRNA in HCC patients with promoter hypermethylation. The results suggested that HCC showing hypermethylation of MUC2 promoter is considered to be silencing MUC2 mRNA expression. The survival analysis associated with MUC2 mRNA and methylation in HCC The survival of these patients was compared by the Kaplan Meier method and the log rank test. The MUC2 mRNA and promoter methylation was signifi cantly correlated with overall survival after surgery. We found the decreased Expression of MUC2 were significantly correlated with poor overall survival Results showed the cumulative survival after surgery in HCC with MI 0 was significantly shorter than those with MI 0.

These results suggested Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries that MUC2 mRNA and methylation level could be prognostic factors in HCC. MUC2 mRNA by 5 Aza CdR and TSA To analyze the effects of epigenetic inhibitor on MUC2 gene expression, Real time PCR analyses were performed using HCC cancer lines treated with final concentration of 10 uM 5 Aza CdR and 400 ng/ ml TSA. After normalizing Erlotinib EGFR inhibitor mRNA levels to B actin, a 5. 9 9. 4 Ct induction of MUC2 mRNA was detected after Figure 4 MUC2 mRNA and hypermethylation confers poor prognosis in HCC.

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