The IR spectra of the soluble and insoluble products were identic

The IR spectra of the soluble and insoluble products were identical as aforementioned, suggesting that the side reactions are ignorable. This polymerization is a 2 + 3-type polycondensation and potentially yields cross-linked insoluble

polymers. Intermolecular coupling reactions should be adequately suppressed to obtain soluble products. We presume that longer alkyl groups are advantageous not only to increase the solubility but also to suppress intermolecular coupling reactions. As a result, OTSH, having the longest alkyl group among examined, could give soluble polymers, whereas other TSHs could selleck kinase inhibitor not due to the shorter alkyl chains insufficient to overcome these factors. The Zn/S values of the insoluble products were higher than the theoretical values. The higher Zn content implies the self-condensation of Zn(OAc)2 to produce oligomeric ZnO [30], which is also responsible for the insolubility. All the reaction mixtures after

the reactions Palbociclib cell line were homogeneous, and we presume that the self-condensation may have occurred during the purification processes. AFM analysis The solid-state structure of OTZnS obtained at run 1 in Table 2 was evaluated using AFM (Figure 6). The samples were prepared by casting 1, 10, and 50 mg/mL of THF solutions onto the mica substrates. The AFM images of OTZnS prepared from diluted 1 and 10 mg/mL solutions showed the presence of spherical nanoparticles with 10-nm height. Aggregated structures were not observable in the images, and the height distributions were very narrow. The heights can be correlated to the molecular size of OTZnS in the solid state. The good dispersion SDHB ability probably originated from the long alkyl chains existing on the surface to prevent aggregation [31]. The AFM image of OTZnS prepared from 50 mg/mL solution showed larger particles produced by aggregation, but particles larger than 50 nm were not observed. The good dispersibility is suitable

for ingredients for optical materials without scattering by large aggregates. Figure 6 AFM height and cross-sectional images of OTZnS obtained in run 1 in Table 2 . Cast from 1, 10, and 50 mg/mL of THF solution on mica. Refractive property of OTZnS The refractive property of OTZnS was evaluated. Unfortunately, the film cast from the solutions of OTZnS was very brittle and not self-standing enough for the measurement of refractive index. Accordingly, we evaluated the refractive indexes of the composite films of OTZnS and PMMA cast from the THF solutions (Table 3, Figure 7). The Poziotinib clinical trial maximum weight composition of OTZnS was 67% for transparent film, and higher OTZnS composition resulted in the formation of brittle and heterogeneous films. The addition of OTZnS increased the refractive indexes of the resulting film, and the refractive indexes increased as the composition of OTZnS increased. The maximum n D value reached 1.56, and the n D value of OTZnS itself was calculated to be 1.

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